Luc Valour

IS a Doomed Explorer who Murders


Tier 3 Effort 3 Xp 0
Might 16 Edge 1
Speed 15 Edge 3
Intellect 13 Edge 0

Trained Skills: Anatomy, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Computers, Disguise, Driving Vehicles, Geology, Lies, Navigation, Perception, Stealth, Trickery
Specialized: Healing

Doomed pg 70:
Jumpy: Plus 2 to speed (shown above)
Skill: Always looking for Danger (trained in Perception)
Skill: Defensive minded (train in Speed Defense)
Skill: Cynical & expect the worst- resistant to mental shock (trained in Intellect Defense vs Sanity

Doom: Every other time the Gm intrudes you cannot refuse and dont get xp (still award other player)

Explorer pg 38:
Cyphers 2
Practiced with lt & Med Weapons/ Hvy increase Difficulty by 1 step
Special Abilities:
Tier 1:
Extra Edge: Might & Speed (1)
Fleet Footed
Knowledge: Biology, Botany, Computers, Geology
Tier 2:
Escape (2 Speed)
Hand to Eye (2 Speed)
Quick Recovery
Travel Skills: Driving, Navigation
Tier 3:
Knowledge: Anatomy,Chemistry
Range Increase
Seize Opportunity (4 speed)

Tier 1: If attacking w Surprise (hidden, before opponent… reduce step by 1)
If hits inflict 2 additional points
Skills: Disguise, Stealth
Tier 2: Quick Death (Speed 2) if hits deal 4 additional points (cant do consecutive)
Tier 3: Poison Crafter (crafting, sensing, identifying and resisting)
trained in lies or trickery
Minor: No one but foe notices attack
Major: If poison is available you may apply poison to attack damage

xp spent:
Tier 1: 4 pts, Effort, Speed edge, Skill Healing
Tier 2: Speed Edge, skill healing (sp) effort, 4 pts
Tier 3:

Disguise Kit
3 doses poison level 2 blade (5 damage)
Weapon: Needler
Camera & Microphone
lt bag of tools
1st Aid Kit
Flash light
Survival Ration
50 Ammo


I have seen a lot of death (alot) at my hands and alittle by others. So i know there is no where to turn but except life as how it is to be. I started in Medicine but could not pay for schooling until i ran into a gentleman who said it was destiny and he paid for everything. In return while going to school he had set me up in a back ally helping criminals get back on their feet. Some of the ones i saved turned on the orginization and when they came in for need of aid i found my loyalties where to strong and helped them on their way to next path of life. There is no doubt i love what i do but doing everyday makes me wonder if it is all worth it. My time will come.

Luc Valour

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