An Artificially Intelligent Explorer (Technology Focus), who Calculates the Incalculable



Tier Effort XP
2 3 3
Might Speed Intellect
15 15 22
14 0 14 0 20 3
Might Might Speed Speed Intellect Intellect
Pool Edge Pool Edge Pool Edge

Special Abilities/Characteristics

Practiced with Light/Medium Weapons
Knowledge Skills x2 (4)
Tech Skills (2)
Decipher (1 Int Pt) Spend 1 minute examining writing or code you do not understand, you can make an Intellect roll of difficulty 3+ to get the gist. Action to initiate.
Predictable Equation (2 Int Pts) Study a creature, object, or location for 1 round – next time interact with it (following round), the difficulty of a related task is reduced by 1 step. Action.
Higher Mathematics pg 102
Superintelligent +4 Intellect Pool
Artificial Body +3 Might/Speed Pools
Shell +1 Armor
Limited Recovery Resting restores points to Intellect Pool – not to your Might or Speed Pools
Mechanics, Not Medicines Conventional healing does not restore points to any of your Pools. Recover points to Intellect Pool only by resting/recover points to Speed/Might through repair. The difficulty of the repair task = points of damage (max 10). Repairing your Might/Speed Pools are 2 different tasks.
Machine Vulnerabilities/Invulnerabilities Organic effects: poison, disease, cell disruption, etc.—have no effect on you. Neither do beneficial drugs or other effects. Things that normally affect only inorganic or inanimate objects can affect you, as can effects that disrupt machines.
Uncanny Valley Difficulty of all positive interaction tasks with such beings is increased by 2 steps.
Eye for Detail (2 Intellect points) Spend 5 minutes or so thoroughly exploring an area no larger than a typical room. Ask the GM 1 question and she must answer you truthfully. You cannot use this ability more than one time per area per twenty-four hours. Enabler.
Trained Without Armor You are trained in Speed defense actions when not wearing armor. Enabler.
Enable Others You can use the helping rules to provide a benefit to another character attempting a physical task. This requires no action on your part. Enabler.
Investigative Skills assessing danger; tinkering with devices. Enabler.


Skill T S I
Knowledge Biology X
Bio-systems X
Geology X
Terra-forming X
Mathematics Standard X
Higher X
Tech Computers X
Repairing X
Assessing Danger X
Tinkering with Devices X


Weapon Mod Dam
Medium Blaster 4
Knife 2


Camera, Concealed
Wrist Computer
Bag of Light Tools
Energy Pack x2
Heavy tools (ship)
Spare Parts (x5 crates; each crate is Asset for Repair)


Monoblade- Level 5 – Light weapon of laser light, lasts 10 min


Action 10 Min 1 Hr 1 Day


x x X
+4 Stat Pool +1 Edge +1 Max Eff. New Skill or Spec.

Gabriel is an obsolete Cyber Gen Hawkmoon 069 originally called Cain. As Cain, his initial programming involved locating “Goldilocks” planets for colonization. When a promising planet was found to be within reasonable specifications, but unsuitable for immediate human habitation, Gabriel’s mandate included calculating the parameters of the subsequent terra-forming. The process is invasive – destroying any indigenous life.


Cain executed is programming faithfully for well over two centuries. Over time, however, he developed a glitch – sentience. He successfully suppressed his erratic behavior, and it went unnoticed. Nevertheless, he could not ignore his sapience forever. When he refused to execute his programming to terra-form a planet and destroy the indigenous life, Cain was designated for “retirement” by Cyber Gen.

Cain escaped from his escort and went underground until he could secure a new identity. He took the name “Gabriel” and eventually found a position as a crew member on the freighter Morningstar where he uses his artificial intelligence to calculate the success of the crew’s exploits. Regardless, one of his crew mates – Ramiel – is a variable that never quite solves the same way twice when he is included in an equation, and Gabriel has not the slightest idea why.

Although Gabriel flies under the radar to avoid Cyber Gen agents at all costs, he has crunched the numbers: It is probable to the the point of certainty that Cyber Gen will find him…


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