Ares Corp – the best spaceship maker in Coalition space

Bio-Genomics“Building a better you”

Cyber Gen“Better than biology”

Eros Corp – specializing in pleasure. Has a fleet of pleasure cruisers, and tera-reams of compromising recordings for blackmail.

FLITrust FLI with your most vital communiques

Hadding Corp“All things are known” – Knowledge brokers

Halite Corp – a mining company that finds mineral rich worlds, moves its corporate moon to that planet and then reduces the planet to rubble by extracting every ounce of value from the planet before moving on

Loga Corp“Secrets are our specialty”

Pandragon Corp -

Seraph Industries“We’re watching over you”

SinEsCo – Dirty deeds, done for significant compensation

Smuggler’s Moon – Qin Rogers, a resourceful crime lord “acquired” a Corp Moon. Now it is a mobile den (nation) of iniquity, where anything can be bought for the right price.

Soshu Corp- the best spaceship maker in Sargonian and Celestial space


The Stars Beyond Liam