The Stars Beyond

Session Nine - Ice See You
Which hand sign means kill the sentry?

Our crew travels to the Futhark system, solves a few difficulties, and lands on Heimdal, an ice moon.

Session Eight - Ah, Salt and Bartering
What the Futhark

Our intrepid crew spends some of their newly earned credits, and find the location of their next mission.

Session Seven - Curse your inevitable betrayal
The doctor is in the house!

The crew finishes their mission and get a new one. And a new crew member too.

Session Six - The cryo-case at hand
and things blow up, yet again

The crew finally retrieves the cargo.

Session Five - Explosive situations
Engineers and airlocks

Ramiel says goodbye to Boyd. In a manner of speaking.

Session Four - A Boyd in hand
Grenade and comfort

The crew subdues the survivor of the Sorghum.

Session Three - A signal in the darkness
A sweet little trap

The crew of the Morningstar boards the battle damaged wreckage of the Sorghum. (Listen here)

Session Two - Mr. Gregori's Package
Well met in Caldera Station

Our characters arrive at Caldera station and get a job. (Listen here)

History of the future

After the Breaking, timekeeping became subject to localized variations. By the time the Restructuring began, there were several thousand different calendars. After centuries of concerted effort, by the Pandragon Group and others, there is one nearly universally recognized galactic calendar. While all dates before the Restructuring are of dubious accuracy, many scholars researched the archives of several stellar governments, and have determined that all pre-restructuring dates here are accurate to within 33 years, as best they can determine.

All dates are R.E. (Restructuring Era)

Date Event
-1300 Professor Anton Marigold discovers Fold-Space
-800 The Terran nations go to war with each other and their colonies. The Breaking begins.
-728 The Terran beacon is destroyed. The Long Dark begins.
0 The Illuminati Council meets in fold-space, or so the rumors say. The Restructuring begins.
1017 Korvas Metatron meets the crew of the Morningstar on Caldera Station. The year our story begins. The year everything changed.
Session One - Character Creation
Where the sausage gets made

We gathered to create characters and detail their place in the setting. (listen if you dare!)

The player characters are (please correct any of my mistakes);

  • Korvas Metatron, a Charming Speaker who Works the System. Played by Joe
  • Gabriel, an Artificially Intelligent Explorer who Calculates the Incalculable. (With Technology Flavor) Played by Jeff
  • “Sand” Sandalphon, a Tough Warrior who Never Says Die. Played by Doug
  • Ramiel, a Mysterious Warrior who Masters Weaponry. (With Stealth Flavor) Played by Todd
  • Jack Dumah, a Perceptive Explorer who Pilots Spacecraft. (With Stealth Flavor) Played by Roy

The Morningstar is their vessel

Other things we learned (add or fix anything I missed);

  • Gabriel doesn’t know how to factor Ramiel into any given equation.
  • When Korvas charms or persuades others, if Jack is with him, he always gains the same benefits of the action as Korvas does.
  • Sand has an overwhelming need to impress Ramiel.
  • Jack …
  • Ramiel …
  • Korvas is the company representative for Seraph Industries.
  • Sand sends his money back to his family.
  • Gabriel is “hunted” by Cyber Gen
  • Ramiel’s favorite weapon is named Atropos
  • Spaceship weapon systems use particle acceleration beams

Our adventures will begin on Caldera Station, where Korvas will meet the crew of the Morningstar, and try to get them in compliance with what Seraph Industries expects from them. Also, other things will happen.


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