The Morningstar



Level: 3
Crew: 4
Current Crew: Jack Dumah, Korvas Metatron, Sandalphon, Ramiel, Luc Valour, and Gabriel
Weapon systems: 1

Ships stores: Six Five Four EnviroSuits, Cypher storage locker


The Morningstar is a DXF-100 class light cargo freighter manufactured by Ares Corp. While the DXF-100 has been out of manufacture for nearly 500 years, its legendary reliability and durability means that these vessels can still be found in many parts of the Galaxy.

The cockpit has four stations. Forward left is the pilot station, from here the pilot also has (limited) access to non-piloting ship systems. Forward right is the co-pilot station, weapons and communications are primary for this station also. Behind the pilot is the astrogation station, with sensors, computer, and secondary communications systems. Behind the copilot is the engineering station, and secondary weapons controls.

Above the engines is an airlock with a small ships hangar. This bay is designed for a small shuttle, or possibly a light fighter. Many DXF-100 captains have converted this bay into a hoverbike and hoverlifter storage and maintenance bay. This bay is also often used for releasing orbital satellites, probes, or fold beacons.

The rear airlock, as well as the port and starboard air locks, have lockers that each normally contain two environment suits. The rear airlock storage locker only contains one suit at this time, because of the sudden departure of Boyd Maori from the ship. The starboard locker is also short a suit from when Angelique DeMonde took her leave of the ship.

The Morningstar

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