Korvas Metatron

A Charming Speaker Who Works The System


Tier: 3
Effort: 3
XP: 2

  • Might Pool: 12
  • Might Edge: 0
  • Speed Pool: 14
  • Speed Edge: 0
  • Intellect Pool: 18
  • Intellect Edge: 3

Special Abilities:
Erase Memories
Fast Talk
Unexpected Betrayal
Mind Reading
Interaction Skills (Deceiving & Persuading)
Hack The Impossible
Computer Programming
Connected (Tier 2)
Confidence Artist (Tier 3)

Skill: Specialized in Deceiving
Skill: Specialized in Persuading
Skill: Trained in all positive and pleasant social interactions
Skill: Trained in Special Abilities that influence the minds of others
Skill: Practiced with Light Weapons
Contact: The Seventh Vice President of Acquisitions

Inability: Resisting mental attacks are one level harder
Inability: Difficulty involving lore, knowledge, understanding +1 step

Wrist Computer
Light Blaster
Spy Microphone
(2) Energy Pack (50 Shots)
(2) Rations


The Executive Director of Information Control and Countermeasure stared at the spreadsheet, wiping sweat from his wrinkled brow while finishing off the last of his antacid tablets. How, he thought, could one simple spreadsheet cause so much suffering to so many people? Hundreds of people’s lives would be destroyed. Countless hours of sleep lost. Families would break. All because of this one horrible compilation of numbers and graphs. His career hung in the balance of what these numbers meant. Now heads were going to roll, most likely starting with his very own. He reached for his communicator and rang his personal assistant. The next words out of his mouth were either going to save him or bury the whole department under a sea of medical lawsuits and bad press. He could hear his own voice quivering as he whispered them.

“Send in The Metatron.”

The charismatic powerhouse known as Korvas Metatron is many things. Diplomat. Bureaucrat. Emissary. PR Specialist. First and foremost however, Korvas is a company man. With his fabled charm and ability to read even the most elusive personalities, Korvas is an anomaly within Seraph Industries. His name can often be heard muttered at the highest levels of management when something goes wrong. His flawless record of fixing the unfixable and cleaning up corporate messes is legendary throughout the company. His methods are often unorthodox but above all else, Korvas is likeable.

Korvas Metatron

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