We are seekers after the mysteries of the galaxy. We shall fathom the depth of the unknown though it take us to the farthest stars, and The Stars Beyond.

The crew of the Morningstar are adventurer/explorers seeking to discover the unknown wonders and confront the unknowable mysteries of the galaxy. All while making a few credits. No problem.

Our cast of characters are;

  • Korvas Metatron, a Charming Speaker who Works the System.
  • Gabriel, an Artificially Intelligent Explorer who Calculates the Incalculable.
  • “Sand” Sandalphon, a Tough Warrior who Never Says Die.
  • Ramiel, a Mysterious Warrior who Masters Weaponry.
  • Jack Dumah, a Perceptive Explorer who Pilots Spacecraft.
    And joining the crew as of session seven;
  • “Doctor” Luc Valour, a Doomed Explorer who Murders.

Explore our universe here and here.

This is a science fiction setting of discovery and exploration in space using the Cypher System rules

The Stars Beyond

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